Terms and conditions

It is of utmost importance that our customers familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions of the company, they are binding, and they are what governs and guides us in our daily business activities to ensure fair and honest dealings.

We advise you to inquire before you commence in any transactions – it is your right and your responsibility as a customer to do so.

Please note: engines, differentials, transmissions, hydraulic pumps etc must be filled with oil as we have to drain oil/ fluids for transporting purposes. PLEASE CHECK AND FILL OIL.

Certain terms and conditions must always be kept in mind

Cash, cards, cheques & holding deposits we do not accept cash, cards or cheques on our premises as a method of payment. It will be the customer’s responsibility to make any cash deposits at the bank and present the proof of payment once collection is made. If a payment is made short, the components will not be released until the full amount reflects in the bank account of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd. We require all payments on components to be made in full, should that not be possible, please do not make a payment and allow another customer the opportunity top purchase the component in question.

15% VAT – all prices quoted on the website, whether in pictures or documents of any nature are exclusive of 15% VAT unless otherwise indicated. No goods of any amount are permitted to be sold exclusive of VAT.

First come, first serve – all transactions are treated on a “first come, first serve” basis, we do not accept holding deposits of any kind therefore your component will be secured once full payment reflects in the bank account of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd.

Exchange units must be available we require exchange units for engines, transmissions. differentials, cylinder heads, crankshafts and engine blocks. No exceptions. Price quoted will change if no exchange units are available with 30% core charge added.

Warranty Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd warrants used parts/ components that are tested (crack tested, pressure tested etc) for three (3) months, unless otherwise stipulated. Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd warrants reconditioned parts/ components for six (6) months, unless otherwise stipulated. Any used parts/ components supplied by Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd as “used” is not tested and cannot be warranted. New parts/ components supplied will be subject to manufacturers’/ suppliers’ warranties.

There is no warranty on any parts/ components that have known defects. The risk is for these parts/ components will be for the customer’s account.

This warranty will not be extended to any trucks, machines or equipment with their related parts/ components operating in an abusive environment.

This warranty shall be deemed “null and void” in the event that any parts/ components supplied by Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd have been altered, modified, damaged, amended from its original state, inadequately serviced and/ or maintained, contaminated by any foreign objects, subjected to abuse or misuse (driver negligence, abuse, overloading, overheating or metal fatigue), incorrectly fitted, engine power exceeded manufacturers’ specifications or used in applications for which they were not designed.

Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd should be made aware of any fault or defect immediately before installation of any parts/ components within seven (7) days from the invoice date.

Damage inflicted on any parts/ components due to negligent use, storage or transportation or any other form is excluded from this Warranty.

The customer must provide failure reports from approved authorities (RMI/ SABS or ISO certified) confirming failure/ defect of the parts/ components in question. If any of the parts/ components are returned with any damages and is not in the state it was supplied, refund/ repair or replacement is automatically forfeited. The warranty shall not render Auto Source (Pty) Ltd responsible for transportation of any vehicle, component or engine or any parts/ components thereof to any test workshop.

Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for any contingent or consequential losses including labour costs arising out of any parts/ components failure except, on an ex-gratia basis at the sole discretion of, but without prejudice to Auto Source (Pty) Ltd.

It is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the defective parts/ components to Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd in the condition it was supplied, at the cost of the customer for any work to be done in terms of this warranty.

Warranty claims for the supplied parts/ components will only be considered if the engine has been reconditioned, assembled and/or serviced by an industry certified repair and/or assembly technician (qualified Diesel Mechanic) in an automotive workshop recognized by the Retail Motor Industry Organization, the South African Bureau of Standard or the International Organization for Standardization.

Processing of orders no orders will be processed without full payment reflecting in the bank account of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd. All orders are treated on a “first come, first serve” basis, should any stock items be kept, payment in full is required before it is released. Proof of payment must be sent to the e-mail address provided on quotes. A proof of payment does not warrant processing of any orders, only once monies reflect in the bank account of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd will any orders commence processing. Should items not be in stock, full payment is required to reflect in the bank account of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd before order processing commences.

Accounts – we do not facilitate, allow or extend credit or accounts to any customers. No exceptions.

Collection all orders are for collection at the premises of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd. We do not deliver but can arrange for freight to anywhere in South Africa or the greater part of Africa at an additional charge. All items must to be inspected upon collection for correctness.

Damaged goods any damaged goods or goods that are not in the condition it was supplied, will under no circumstances be accepted for return/ replacement or refund. No exceptions.

Return/ refund of parts or components – all returns will be penalized 35% of the original purchase amount should it not be the fault of Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd for the return. Parts and/ or components correctly supplied, are not refundable. (We do not refund errors made during customers’ diagnostics). Freight/ courier charges are not refundable. All parts/ components incorrectly supplied or not in the working condition required, must be returned within seven (7) days for refunds to be considered. All parts/ components that are ordered in (non-stock items), are not refundable. Should refunds need to occur, the original supplied part/ components needs to be received by Trucks, Machines & Components (Pty) Ltd and will be inspected. Should any amendments, changes, alterations, damages be present, or it not being in the state it was supplied in, a refund will be forfeited. All refunds will be done via EFT.

Imports and exports we are registered importers and exporters.

Risk – always keep in mind that used parts/ components are indeed used. They will never be new parts/ components, they will always have some form of wear and tear. For this reason, there will always be a form of risk involved when pursuing used parts as alternative parts solutions.